Best CRMs for Freelancers in 2019

CRM is software that comes incredibly handy for automating the activities of the freelancers and the accomplishment of their tasks. Using this program, you can plan a project in stages, keep records of clients, and control the timing of the assignments.

To understand how crm for freelancers works, it is worth considering the principles of its functionality:

  • the best CRM for freelancers creates a single database with important information about each customer. In the process of working with the client, changes are immediately added to the system;
  • an account, where only the necessary data is displayed;
  • constant updating of data on the task;
  • regular monitoring and analysis of the business are carried out to identify problems.

Thus, CRM for freelancers is an accounting system, a data warehouse, and a customer base at the same time. It provides an opportunity for effective management and comprehensive control. CRM is an effective system for managing all processes of freelancing work. It is relevant for freelancers who work on a remote basis. Using the system will provide:

  • prioritization of tasks;
  • control of deadlines for assignments;
  • storage of the customer list information with notes.

Using CRM, it is easy to avoid the accumulation of important and urgent tasks.

What Should Be In CRM for Freelancers

Program designers expand the functionality by adding gamification, scanning of business cards, and integration with numerous services. In order not to overpay for redundant functionality, be guided by the presence of a set of required interfaces in the best software for freelancers:

  • a client accounting module which allows you to store detailed data about the relationship between the freelancer and the client;
  • automatic business operations to set tasks, send newsletters, correct data, and remind you of important dates;
  • detailed analytics and reporting displayed in real-time;
  • project management to receive timely notifications.

Important! The best CRM for freelancers must have individual settings, i.e one should be able to add and remove modules and options.

Top 5 CRMs

  1. Bpmā€™online sales

It allows you to manage sales operations. This CRM for freelancers analyzes the need for a purchase, concludes a deal, fulfills orders, and controls payment. The usage of the intelligent platform will cost $25 per user per month. 1 GB of storage is provided free of charge, in the future the cost will be $20 for 1 GB per year.


  • counterparties and customers are gathered in a single database with segmentation by dynamics;
  • management of telephony, mailing, and documents;
  • a corporate social network;
  • establishing time management for employees;
  • automation of all stages of a deal;
  • monitoring, registry, lead analytics, and sales operations;
  • order management;
  • analytics and accounting.
  1. Trello

This platform for freelancers is very easy to use. Its interface is clear, the control of the stages of the tasks is high-quality and flexible. CRM is suitable for small companies, freelancers and startups, as it allows you to perform operations sequentially. The monthly payment for the cloud depends on the number of users. A Business Class account costs $9.99/per user per month.


  • loading attachments of 10-250 Mb in size;
  • automation settings;
  • mailing notifications by e-mail;
  • two-factor authentication;
  • login through google account;
  • differentiation of access rights.
  1. SugarCRM

This open-source solution, CRM for freelancers includes professional ($45 per user per month) and corporate ($80 per user per month) versions with additional settings. You can run several sessions from one account, but a license is required for each new user.


  • manual system configuration by open code;
  • control of the stages of the project and staff activities;
  • integration with telephony and other services;
  • 15 or 250 GB of storage depending on the profile.
  1. Workbooks

The best software for freelancers with an easy and intuitive interface for teamwork in the field of marketing, sales, and customer service. The free platform is limited to 2 users. Access fees vary by profile. Basic, for example, costs $30 per user per month, and Business – $65 per user per month.


  • lead tracking
  • conducting and analyzing marketing campaigns;
  • creating your own query database;
  • potential audience generation;
  • availability of a workbook;
  • storing frequently used tools on the desktop;
  • toolbars and reports;
  • the test period of 30 days.
  1. Hubspot CRM

A multifunctional CRM platform provides the ability to configure and edit your own sales channel. The free service is not limited to the number of users and contacts; it integrates with any marketing software. Several products are paid separately – starting ($50/ month), professional ($800/month) sales centers, Enterprise-hub ($2.400/month).


  • tracking marketing campaigns;
  • creating your own sales channels;
  • integration with Google and Outlook services;
  • collecting information from social networks and email;
  • planning, schedule, and task tracking.

The essence of each platform for freelancers from the review is to help the owner in increasing the financial turnover and monitoring all business processes.